Where should I retire?

Dec 18, 2017 | Retirement

They used to say retirement is doing nothing without worrying about getting caught. Now, many American retirees become even more active after they escape the rat race. So, no matter how busy (or not) you choose to be, find the right place to be it! Take our quiz to find out where you should retire like a champ.




1. Will you need to lower your standard of living when you retire?

2. Will you continue working in retirement? (Oxymoron?)

3. What’s your ideal travel itinerary during retirement?

4. Do you love to chit-chat with neighbors when parking or grabbing the mail?

5. What can’t your retired-self live without?

6. When there’s no food in the fridge, you…

7. You drift off into slumber best to:

Where should I retire?
Stay put

If your current hometown is affordable, close to kids, grandkids and the friends who can finish your sentences, why move for the sake of moving? Maybe the craving for change can be satisfied through spontaneous vacations or weekend getaways not far from home. This way you’ll have a little extra money to spend on spoiling the rugrats.
College town

You appear to be a lifelong learner, independent thinker and stimulus addict. Your day-to-day routine requires book stores, lecture halls and art museums. Being around younger people doesn’t make you feel old — it makes you feel like starting over. Living near a college campus will keep you sharp-witted and creatively astute. Here are a few intellectually stimulating, culturally enriching towns to check out: Athens, GA; Bellingham, WA; Lynchburg, VA; or Iowa City, IA.
West coast

Your free spirit will not be boxed in — to neither condo community nor penthouse. You’ll need to retire somewhere you can roam free, skydive or take up fly fishing. You’re probably not overly concerned with making it to aunt Marge’s for Thanksgiving, but you’ll go if you can take your motorcycle and bring a jar of your beekeeping spoils. If you think civilization and neighbors are overrated, you may want to check out: Vashon Island, WA; Florence, OR; Tucson, AZ; Boulder, CO; or Anchorage, AK.
South coast

When you retire you want to throw the parka out of your closet and out of your vocabulary. In your dictionary “laid back” is defined as: eat, tan, nap, then repeat until sunset. Your idea of an outing is carting over to the golf course or joining your condo poker club at the beach house. You love for the grandkids to visit for the holidays, as long as they’re just as happy strolling along the shore and collecting seashells as you are. Some laid-back luxurious options: Boca Raton, Naples, and Punta Gorda, FL; Cedar Island, Greenville, or Wilmington NC; Lafayette or Natchitoches, LA.

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