Banking without the bummer: Making the most of the Andigo mobile banking app

Oct 22, 2019 | Real Life

Mobile banking isn’t exactly big news anymore, but you can’t beat the convenience. With the Andigo mobile app, checking your balances, paying bills and applying for a loan has never been easier. But did you know there’s so much more you can do with it to make your life easier? It’s true… and we’ll show you how!

Back to basics

First, for those of you who sometimes struggle with working the basics of the Andigo mobile app, here are a couple of pointers:

  • Mobile deposit is a real game-changer, made possible by the built-in camera most smartphones and tablets have. (Though you can still do it from a desktop computer if you have an imaging device connected to it such as a webcam or scanner.) If you haven’t done it already, go to Menu > Account Services > Get Mobile Deposit.

TIPTIP: When you intend to make a mobile deposit, make sure to not only to sign the check, but also write “For mobile deposit only” and list your Andigo account number. Your account numbers are listed on the Account Overview screen.

  • Paying bills through our mobile app is fast and convenient. The money will be sent digitally, which is typically much faster than mailing a check. And if you want to talk speed, when you make a payment on your Andigo loan through the app, it’s instant! Your loans are just another type of account, so you can move money into them just like you can move money between your other Andigo accounts.
  • No doubt you don’t want to miss any important notices from us. If any of your contact information has changed recently, you can easily update it by going to More > Update Account Information.
  • Have you joined the eStatement revolution yet? If not, ditch the paper cuts and go for it. Then you’ll be able to find your monthly statements by going to Menu > Accounts > View eDocuments.

For the experts

For those of you who know the basics of our app, here are a few things you may not know:

  • Alerts for almost everything — If you like to know exactly what’s going on with your accounts without having to log in all the time, account alerts are perfect for you. They send automatically via text, phone or email (your choice) whenever the criteria you set are met. Here are just a few of the alert options available:
    • When your password is changed
    • When your account(s) fall below a certain balance
    • When your secure access code is changed
    • When your contact information is changed
    • When a recurring transaction fails (like a loan payment… that would be good to know, eh?)

There are many more, but they are all generally geared towards account security and balance integrity. You can set up alerts by going to Menu > Preferences > Account Alerts.

  • Quick eBill Activation — After you enroll in Bill Pay, you can set it to import certain bills automatically! And you’ll get an email notification when they arrive. Just go to Menu -> Bill Payment, then choose Bill Pay Site, and when you get to the page choose Quick eBill Activation. You’ll need some basic information about your payees. Note that not all creditors offer this service.
  • If you ever have trouble sleeping because money is tight, you might be interested to know you can apply for a loan 24/7 through our app. Vehicle, Visa, home equity, all that good stuff and more. Fill out the form and rest easy.
  • If you owe a fellow Andigo member some money, it’s very easy to pay them back! All you need is their account number and first three letters of their last name. Just go to Menu > Transfers > To Another Member. You can link accounts if you want to make a recurring or future-dated transfer.
  • Need to reimburse a friend for lunch or maybe a rideshare trip? No problem! To send money to a non-member, it’s a simple process:
    • Go to Menu > Transfers > To A Non-member
    • Choose Popmoney from the top menu
    • Enter recipient’s info, including the amount to send.

TIPTIP: You don’t need to enter your friend’s account number. They will get an email or text telling them they have money waiting, but they will need to provide info. When they fill in the details, the money goes right into their account!

TIPTIP: Popmoney is a great way to make a charitable donation. Under “Payment Information” you can choose Charity instead of Person. You’ll be sent an email receipt from the charity once you enter the desired information.

The Andigo mobile app is powerful, one-stop shop for managing your money. About the only thing it can’t do is spit out cash… but it can show you where the nearest ATM is! If there are any features missing you think we should add, be sure to let us know.


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