7 holiday travel tips

Dec 8, 2017 | Real Life

Like thousands of others during the holiday season, you may find yourself traveling to meet up with family and loved ones. Don’t sweat it though. With our travel tactical survival guide, you’ll be navigating stress free. Check out our seven holiday travel tips below.

1. Avoid the busiest flying travel dates

We know, easier said than done right? You might not be able to control what days off your company gives you or might have used up your PTO on that Vegas trip over the summer. But if you can somehow avoid traveling the day before or day of the holiday, you’ll be making it that much easier on yourself. Not to mention the flight might be cheaper.

2. Road tripping it? Get comfy.

If you’re traveling nearby-ish for the holidays, it’s probably cheaper to drive than fly. Make sure you have the essentials to make the trip bearable. Prepare your trip with snacks, drinks, and if you think you’ll need it, some form of energy drink or coffee. A blanket or towel to make the seat comfier for the long drive is always a plus. Road tripping with someone?

  • Set designated driving times for you and your copilot.
  • Make sure you both know how to navigate (aka how to use the maps app).
  • Keep each other alert.

3. Know your airports

Major cities usually have more than one airport. Checking these other airports for a better holiday travel experience might stress you out, but it’ll be worth it in the long run. Smaller airports see fewer flights so typically they also see fewer delays. Sounds good, right?

4. Don’t over pack

If you’re anything like the average person, you probably over pack. The little voice inside your head keeps whispering “you might need this…and this and this, better safe than sorry.” No, you ignore that voice and pack only what you know you’ll need. Plus, over packing may cost you more at the counter when weighing your bag — nobody wants that.

5. Create your travel playlist 

Whether you’re popping in your headphones at the airport while dodging the hustle and bustle on the way to your gate or cruising through traffic in your car, a well thought out playlist will keep your spirits bright. Commence the carpool karaoke and watch travel time fly.

6. Keep your cool

It’s the holidays — people get frustrated and small things can trigger an outburst. Feeling the pressure? Go for a power walk near your gate. That stagnant line of people rushing to their assigned seat will still be there when you get back. Just don’t go on a trek too far and chance missing your boarding time.

Warning for our roadtrip folks: road rage is real and affects many people, especially during times of heavy traffic and congestion. Keep your cool by remembering everyone is just trying to get to their families for the holidays. Turn up the tunes to drown out the honks and sing away the stress.

7. Take a vacation

If your family is looking to skip the holidays, take a vacation instead. There are sure to be plenty of places that fall within budget. In 2017, the top cheapest destination for a vacation on Christmas was Rome, Italy. Do your research and you might just find yourself enjoying the beaches of Brazil while the rest of your friends are stuck in traffic.

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