What kind of spender are you?

Jun 13, 2019 | Dollars & Sense

Another day another dollar, amiright? Between all the things we need to do and want to do, we have to make tough decisions on how to prioritize our spending. Take our quiz to see what type of spender you are.




1. When you go out to dinner. . .

2. Back up a step - what is an acceptable occasion to go out to dinner?

3. When do you decide to go shopping?

4. What is a “vacation” to you?

5. When you have a vacation coming up, you

6. You have an out-of-town wedding. Where are you staying?

7. What is my birthday like?

What Type of Spender Are You?
I'm an Emotional Spender

You spend on yourself for those feel-good vibes, and your emotions go hand-in-hand with your bank account. Your happiness comes first and the money will (hopefully) follow. If your savings is feeling a little tight, find ways to spend less while still having fun (like going out for more casual dining experiences vs. the lobster dinner, or hosting a smaller scale party instead of inviting the entire building). It’s all about the give and take.
I'm an Experience Spender

You’re down to spend money but your priority is to live life to the fullest. You prefer to spend your money on making memories and having fun. When you find your savings a tad crunched, prioritize which experiences you want to spend on now (hello summer concerts), then save up for what you can do later (maybe next year to the squad Caribbean cruise).
I'm a Non-Spender

You’re frugal and you sleep dang well at night. Whether you have a limited income or are focused on larger goals, you don’t see a need to spend money unnecessarily. There are cheap ways to do things and just as much fun to be had doing them. Just remember it’s OK to treat yourself from time to time. #YOLO
I'm a Rational Spender

They call it a ‘budget’ for a reason. You believe there is a way to save and still have fun! Everything in moderation is your motto. You’re the Goldilocks of personal finance.

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