Boo on a budget: tips for a frugal and festive Halloween.

Sep 17, 2020 | Dollars & Sense

Halloween doesn’t have to be an expensive holiday — after all, the real expensive holidays are around the corner, so save your money for those. If you don’t have your head on tight (looking at you, Frankenstein), you might spend more than you intend. Here are some tips for budgeting this Halloween — party decor, costumes and candy included.


Picking pumpkins doesn’t have to be an all-day trip. Do your research, find out where the cheaper pumpkins are sold and buy them for the family. Chances are the money you spend on the trip itself, admission to the patch and hayride would best be used in the upcoming holidays.

DIY decorating

Decorating doesn’t have to be an expensive trip to your nearby home decor store. Challenge the family to look around the house for things to decorate with! Turn it into a game and see who can find candles, unused or old sheets, and leftover glow sticks. Give the jack-o’-lantern treatment to empty milk jugs to turn them into mini-ghosts. Stuff a plastic glove with tissue paper, shredded paper or even gelatin to make a fake hand. Decorations don’t have to make your home look like the haunted version of the Sistine Chapel.

Costume swap

Set up a costume swap with friends and family. You don’t have to use all the pieces, but you can add your own personal touch or style or only use some of the costume for your idea. You’ll save money and get your creative juices moving!

Shop online

Tried to costume swap and look for stuff around the house with no luck for your masterpiece costume? If you’re set on buying something make sure you do it online. You’ll be able to compare prices faster than going from store to store.

Candy it up by bulk

If you’re going to buy candy (probably best not to give out leftover candy from two years ago), then make sure you go to your local warehouse club. You can probably shop online for it as well, as long as the shipping and handling are free. Warehouse clubs are known for their good prices for the quantity you’ll be receiving. If you have any left over, enjoy it!  

We hope your Halloween is a spooktacular time. Don’t eat too much candy and don’t trick or treat alone, friends!

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