6 ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day on a budget

Jan 22, 2020 | Dollars & Sense

Sometimes you want to buy your significant other the world, especially on Valentine’s Day. What about if you just can’t afford to? If you’re looking to prove your devotion without doing damage to your wallet, there are inexpensive ways to celebrate.

Put away your phone

If you’re the type who is constantly checking social media, then promising to shelve all electronics for the evening (and then actually keeping that promise) can be a more meaningful gift than anything else. Just be in the moment and do your best to resist the urge to Instagram your dinner. This can also be a more-than-one-night-a-year kind of activity *hint hint*.

Write a love letter

Cards aren’t that expensive — at most they cost five dollars — but that’s five dollars you don’t necessarily need to spend. A homemade love letter, decorated by you and written in your own handwriting, is far more romantic than something a card company wrote. It shows you care, and although you might not be a wordsmith, expressing your feelings in your own way can be worth so much more.

Make a playlist

If you and your significant other have a streaming service, creating a playlist you can enjoy together could land you some big romance points. Collect songs that you both like, songs that you think your partner will love, and find that song that was playing at the restaurant during your first date (just remember, no pirating!). Creating a music playlist is way cheaper than getting tickets to a concert. You can even use it to show off those awesome dance moves!

Have dinner at home

You don’t have to spend 100+ dollars on a fancy lobster dinner. Instead, making dinner at home can be cheaper and more fun. Make something you both like and pair it with a nice bottle of wine. Or, you can cook together. Maybe have a pizza in the freezer, though, just in case your blackened mahi-mahi turns out a little more blackened than intended.

Buy secondhand jewelry

Instead of buying an expensive diamond bracelet from a high-end jewelry store, go to an antique shop and look for jewelry there. Prices will vary from ouch to that’s a steal. With a little luck, you might be able to find something unique and inexpensive your partner will love.

Bake something

If your partner is a chocoholic, spare your wallet from those fancy store-bought chocolates and bake something yummy yourself. You can make a whole pan of triple-chocolate brownies for a fraction of what those chocolates cost. You’ll get more bang for your buck and it’ll be from the heart instead of just shaped like one. Everyone loves homemade baking, right?

What’s your favorite Valentine’s Day hack? Let us know in the comments.  

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