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10 ways to preserve your car’s resale value

Car depreciation, like death and taxes, is inevitable. Your car starts losing value the second you drive off the lot. While you can’t stop it, proper maintenance and a little attention to detail can help you earn hundreds or thousands more when you and your car...

New versus used cars

Is your current car shutting down on you? Old Bessie finally giving her last couple miles? You will probably be considering a new or a used car to replace it, so take a minute and read.

Car commitment: buying vs. leasing

When it’s new-car time, money’s a big factor. So when it comes to buying or leasing, which route is best for you?  If you plan to develop a long-term, deep, emotional bond with your car, buying is generally considered a better way to go. But if you’re the...

How to afford your dream car

Jag, Benz or even a MINI, chances are you’ve got a dream car in mind that you… well, dream about. For most people, the price tag is a big fat stop sign on the road to ownership. But does that really have to be the case? Just because your four-wheeled fantasy seems out...

Hybrid cars 101

Hybrid cars. Do you know the ins and outs of this environmentally friendly vehicle? Don’t worry if you don’t, we’ve got some facts about these “green” vehicles.

How to purchase a car

Purchasing a car doesn’t have to be difficult. Read some of our tips to make it a smooth ride in your new set of wheels.

How to be a smart car seller

Being a smart car seller doesn’t mean you have to have Einstein’s brain. Don’t get the short end of the sale-stick because you didn’t do your research.

I think we're bonding.

I think we're bonding.

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